The Rover Sixty and Rover Seventy-Five or Rover P3 series were produced by The Rover Company for only a brief period post WWII, from early 1948 until late 1949. The 60 had a four-cylinder unit of 1595 cc and the 75 had a six-cylinder version of 2103 cc, Two body styles were available, a 6-light saloon and 4-light “sports saloon”, the 6-light having an extra rear quarter window and slightly higher roof line. The P3 Rovers were well finished and aimed at a middle-class motorist. According to MG Rover Production numbers around 9,100 P3s were produced, nearly 85% were P3 75s and nearly all of the cars released in Australia were the larger engined 75. According to figures at British Motoring Heritage in Gaydon, only two P3 60 6 Light Saloons were known to have been exported to Australia. There may have been additional private imports.

The preceding model was the Rover 16 (P2) and successor was the Rover P4 Cyclops 75.

Rover P3 75 1949 “6 Light”

Rover P3 75 1948 “4 Light” Sports Saloon

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