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Interesting articles about our Rovers for the benefit of Club Members. These will be added on a regular basis, so please check back from time to time. If you would like to assist by preparing a Technical Article please contact the Webmaster. across this on North American Rover Group, it is an account of a journey undertaken in 1905 from Coventry to Constantinople in a 8 hp Rover. The article appeared in autumn 1968 edition of "Review” published by the then Rover Co. Ltd.

When was it registered?This publication contains a list of registration designations for each year from 1946 to 1963
P6B-Auto-Shift-Lever-RepairA member's experience in repairing the gear lever control arm of the P6B.

P6B Vapourlock A little note on a vapourlock problem with the P6B - a cure you may not have thought about.
Rover – Perceptions and FactsAn interesting article by one of our members looking at comparative performance figures for the Rover P4, P5, P5B, P6 and P6B, not only just how the Rover of each era compared with each other but also, how they compared with their contemporaries, rivals and the “common garden” vehicles of each era. Article compares the Rover models against each other and then goes on to compare the P4 against its contemporaries during the so called the "P4 Era" - mid 1950's to early 1960’s, and then goes on to compare the P5/P5B and P6/P6B against their respective contemporary rivals.