Rover Quintet

    Jaguar Rover Australia retailed Rover Quintet in Australia from 1983 through to 1985. It was a rebadged Honda Quint Manufactured in Japan by Honda. It was replaced by the Rover 416i. The Rover Quintet had wood trim, cloth trim, chrome wheels and a Pioneer stereo radio cassette was standard.

    Rover Australia figures indicate some 3000 Quintets were sold in Australia.

    Rover 416i

    As part of the further collaboration between Honda and Rover’s then parent company, British Leyland, the 416i was built by Honda of Japan from 1985 to 1989 for the Australian market. It was a rebadged Honda Integra five-door hatchback (Honda only sold the three-door in Australia while the 416i was being sold). The 416i was originally available only as a single model, but higher SE & Vitesse specification was later added.

    Rover Australia figures indicate some 2000 416is were sold in Australia.

    Rover 825/827

    The Series 1 Rover 825/827 was different in that while it was Co-developed with Honda, the Rover 825/827 series and Honda Legend shared the same core structure, engine, gearboxes (front wheel drive) and floorpan, but, they each had their own unique exterior bodywork and interior fitout. The 825/827 was built at the Cowley UK plant for the Australian market. Unfortunately the Series 2 cars were not imported and sold in Australia.

    Initially available as 4 door sedan, with the Honda 2.5 litre fuel injected V6 engine (825), in 1988, the Honda V6 engine capacity was increased to 2.7 litres (827), and in 1989 the 827 Vitesse five-door hatch was added to the Australian model range.

    The facelift Series 2 cars which came in 1991 in the UK were not imported into Australia. So, for a 10 year span until the Rover 75 was first sold in Australia in 2001, there were no Rover car models officially sold through Rover dealerships, only Range Rover/Land Rover vehicles. The Series 2 800s were marketed into New Zealand and some cars did find there way into Australia through private imports.

    Less than 800 825/827 models were thought to have been sold in Australia, so they are a relatively rare car nowadays.

    Rover 216i Cabriolet

    Another Rover-Honda tie up was the Rover 200. These cars were never marketed by Rover in Australia, although there were a number of private imports, and the Club has two 216i Cabriolets in our membership. These were derivatives of the Series II Rover 200, which in turn was based on the Honda Ballade.

    The cabriolet model was introduced in October 1992, based on then 200 series. The body underwent a facelift in 1994. In 1995/96 it was replaced by an all-new model which subsequently was developed into the much better known Rover 25.

    Two models in Club hands are a 1992 model, manufactured in Japan by Honda, and imported from New Zealand, and a 1994 model manufactured in UK and privately imported.