The Club’s Membership Officer is John Dyer, he can be contacted for any questions about Club Membership at email:

Would you please note, if you wish to join RCCA to have your Rover registered under VicRoads Club Plate Scheme, while the RCCA is an Approved Club under VicRoads Club Plate Scheme, the current Club Rules relating to the Administration of this Scheme state “Club permits are available only to those who have been a member of the RCCA for a minimum of 3 months”. You can read full requirements of this Scheme as it relates to RCCA. (Link to CPS page) or contact Club CPS Administrator



Online Membership Application Form

  • Please fill in all the Fields, use Tab or cursor to move between fields rather than use Enter key.
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Information on Membership Costs and Fees

  • Membership year is from 1 July to 30 June. Pro-rata rates apply if you are a New Member joining during the year. New Member Joining Fee $20.00. City Members (Melbourne Telephone Directory Area) Annual Fee $54.00. Country/Interstate Members Annual Fee $46.00. Club Name Badge cost $10.00 Each.
  • Joining Period City Country July - Sep $54.00 $46.00 Oct - Dec $40.50 $34.50 Jan - Mar $27.00 $23.00 April - June $13.50 $11.50
  • Cheque/Money Order If paying by cheque or money order, please make payable to Rover Car Club of Australia Inc (not RCCA) and post to: Membership Secretary Rover Car Club of Australia Inc PO Box 3114 NUNAWADING VIC 3131 Direct Deposit If paying by bank transfer, you MUST include the word “APPL” and your surname in the Payee Reference field. BSB: 633000 Account: 190135772 Payee Ref: APPL your surname

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RCCA On The Net

  • The Club offers a number of things for the Club Internet user, including Viking Torque and Small Torque Newsletters as a pdf rather than hard copy, and an Email Discussion Group for Club matters, including repairs and servicing, helpful hints etc and Rover matters in general. Please tick the following boxes if you would like to enjoy these. The Club;s preference is for distribution of Magazines via email.

Vehicle Registration Form

  • The Club maintains a data base of member's cars and Rovers in general. Please remember to either fill in downloadable form or Online Form for your Rover(s).

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Please also fill in our Online Vehicle Information Form for your Rovers here.