The Club’s Car Mart Manager is Mark Bell, he can be contacted for any questions about selling your Rover or parts through the RCCA: Email:



Cars & Parts For Sale Advertisement

  • The RCCA offers members and non members the ability to advertise cars & parts for sale. For members this is a free service, for non members a fee of $20 is charged for the advertisement to appear in two monthly magazines/newletters. RCCA also offers the option to include the advertisement on our Internet Web page, however if you would like to avail yourself of this, we need approval to include your contact details on our Web page. The ad will be included on our web page for the duration of the two months. If you would like to place an advertisement with RCCA, please fill out this form. Please use Tab key or cursor to move between Fields rather than use Enter Key:

Your Details


Address Details

  • For Non Members the Fee is $20. If paying by bank transfer, you MUST include the word “ADV” and your name in the Payee Reference field. BSB: 633000 Account: 190135772 Payee Ref: ADV “your name”
  • These Details to be included in Advertisement:
  • To comply with Victorian Motor Vehicle Trades Legislation, your advertisement must have the Cash price for the vehicle and either the current registration number or another Vehicle identification number such as engine number or chassis number, if not currently registered


  • Please Upload your photos (jpg file please) or text of your Advertisement (doc, docx or text files please). We have provided for 4 uploads, if you have more photos please email to