VicRoads Club Plate Scheme

VicRoads Club Permit Scheme

The Club Permit Scheme is a log book based permit scheme that allows motoring enthusiasts to enjoy 45 or 90 days occasional use of historic and classic vehicles which comply with the relevant standards.

The Rover Car Club of Australia Inc is an approved club under the scheme and financial members may apply to have their eligible vehicles included in the scheme.

RCCA requirements effective January 2015 are as follows:

  • Club permit application (VicRoads)
  • Eligibility and standards declaration (VicRoads)
  • Valid certificate of roadworthiness
  • Copy of Club Permit Scheme Handbook (RCCA)
  • New permit holders must copy the Club Permit Administrator the new number plate paperwork
  • New permit holders must provide a series of snap shots, front, rear, side (door open) and of chassis/ID/ADR plate
  • For modified vehicles new guidelines VSI 33 describe permitted changes for pre1969 categories
  • VSI 8 describes modifications beyond VSI 33 that require inspection by VicRoads certified engineer
  • New M number plate for VSI 8 certified vehicles

All relevant documentation needs to be sighted and signed by an approved club officer.

RCCA will maintain an up to date register of CPS vehicles to be made available to VicRoads on request.

RCCA to hold dated photos of all cars under the Scheme.

For details refer to the Club Permit Scheme Handbook.

The RCCA has a Club Permit Administrator for any questions about the operation of this Scheme – Mike Petryszyn, Phone number is in VT/ST magazines, email

Important Change to RCCA Guidelines effective January 2016:

Members please note that the following revised rules included in the RCCA Club Permit Scheme Handbook now apply to the issuing of Club Permits.

5.2 Club Permits are to be available only to those who have been a member of the RCCA for a minimum of 3 months.

5.2.1 The Committee will however consider applications under the 3 month period based on their merit. Such special applications may include, but not be limited to, such reasons as returning lapsed members or people moving from interstate.

5.3 Club Permits will only be approved for Rover vehicles.

5.3.1 The Committee will however consider applications for a non-Rover to be granted a Club Permit if the owner already has, and continues to have, at least one Rover on a Club Permit.

New Permit Handbook:
A new AOMC Club Permit Handbook is now available. These can be purchased from Regalia Officer either at meetings or by post. It is important that if you have a Club Permitted car that you have a copy of the current Handbook in your possession. As mentioned above the Rules have recently been ammended and it is your responsibility to know the changes. The Club Permit Scheme is of great advantage to our club members and Permit Members must be aware of all the Rules.

Please NOTE Vehicles are able to be used for any purpose EXCEPT FINANCIAL GAIN.

If you have any queries please contact our Club Permit Officer, Michael Petryszyn (see contact above).

Further information relating to the Scheme:

Comprehensive details on any CPS matter can be seen here on VicRoads Website.

The AOMC has prepared some explanatory notes on the Regulations & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the new scheme are on the AOMC web pages here.

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